Do people say you have a great voice and you should try voice over work?

Troy Planet's
Standard Delivery

A professional voice over training course.


Are you an Actor, Model, Artist or Musician that has plenty of vocal talent but just don’t know what steps to take to make voice over work happen?
Possibly you are a working professional, trades or sales person that would like to polish your vocal presentation skills or even make a career change or create additional income?

" If you are genuinely interested in voice over work I have designed this course specifically for you"

So often people say to me “How do I get into voice overs? There's money in it right?" Or "Yeah, voice over work, i've always wanted to have a go at that!"or the ubiquitous... "people have always told me I've got a great voice for voice overs!"

Troy Planet 

It’s currently estimated that the Voice Over business is a
$12 billion industry worldwide and it’s getting bigger. 

With the digital economy quietly booming there’s never been a better time to have a go at doing voice over work professionally, for fun or for extra money. If you want to know the real rates click the troy planet demo link atop the page and find the rate card. 


With the technological evolution in the 21st Century in full swing anyone can have a home studio and a web page and start promoting their services as voice talent for hire. 

In this course I will teach you everything that is needed to start or even improve your career in Voice Overs. Maybe you've done a few gigs and would like to create more.?

Or perhaps you have just always been curious and wanted to have a go but didn't know where to look, or how to start? Well you've found the right place.

Primarily, I will focus your attention on creating what I like to call a
“good commercial read” or in other words, your “standard delivery” 

Too many new and even some experienced voice over people make the error of trying to fit every brief.
They create unnatural sounding reads and characters with broad variations of tone and style thinking it will impress.
Generally it does the opposite.
21st century producers, writers and numerous others involved in the process of casting voices now often look for one thing above all.
Authenticity. The natural voice. The real deal.
Or so called, non ‘voice overy’ voices!!

Discovering your Standard Delivery gives you the best chance at success. 

It is your baseline. Your foundation. From this position it is possible to develop a range of commercial reads and then express yourself further vocally. 

This course runs for 4 weeks at Top Spots Digital.
There you will have the opportunity to work in a  professional environment with plenty of time on the microphone in every session.

You will also be introduced to every possible market for voice over work that is currently active. 

Not only that you will learn precisely how to begin a career in Voice Overs immediately and just how to get your voice on air ASAP. 
           The course is run over 4 weeks on a week night from 6pm to 9pm


Troy is one of Australia's most prolific voice actors.

His wide range of voice over work across the past 20 years include such clients as:
RedBull, McDonalds, Austar, Foxsports, Channel Seven, Cheerios, Vodafone
Virgin , Telstra, Woolworths, White King, Bindi's Bootcamp, Island Dares, Bam
Claratyne, Rhinocort, Difflam, Strepsils, Mortein , Ingogo, Oovie, Raid, Sony
Sega, Playstation, Microsoft, Intel, Toshiba, Bundaberg Rum, Jim Beam
Dolmio, Channel 10, Sixty Minutes, OAK, Ice Break, Ice Cold, Nickelodeon
Bankwest, ING, The Australian Stock Exchange, KFC,
Australian Securities and Investments Commission,
Westpac, Wagon Wheel, Kit Kat, Daily Telegraph, Cadburys
Aldi, Taylor's Wines, Nova FM, Triple M, 2UE, 2GB, The Edge fm, 2 DAY fm
Smooth FM, 2 WS FM, 2JJJ FM, Fox Fm, 3RRR fm, 96 FM
Discovery Science Channel, Whirlpool, Coca Cola, Irn Bru
SBS, American Express, Rugby World Cup, State of Origin NRL
Volkswagon, FIFA World Cup, Heineken, Volvo, Holden, Toyota
Renault, Col Crawford, Wonder White…
The list actually goes on and includes hundreds of episodes of animated cartoons with a multitude of  characters in shows like Bananas in Pyjamas, Raggs, Tabaluga, Old Tom and Blinky Bill to name a few.

So when it comes to Voice Overs Troy Planet really knows what he is talking about. Plus, he has facilitated many workshops, is an award winning actor, a theatre director and an award winning short film director.

The course cost is $697.00

Call us now to answer any questions you might have.
+612  8216 0729 during business hours.